The death of every serviceman from Faversham who died in World War One is being commemorated in an exhibition called ‘Faversham Remembers’.  The exhibition will feature the Community Bunting Project which is made up of 383 pieces of bunting, each dedicated to a Faversham serviceman who died in the War.  Over the last year, members of the public, schools and youth organisations have been creating personalised pieces of bunting.  Many contributors are descendants of whose who gave their lives.

The exhibition will also feature a new book on Faversham’s experience of World War One called ‘Faversham in the Great War’.  It features insights into how the War affected the town including arrangements for treating wounded soldiers; the role played by local women during the War; personal accounts of the experiences of local soldiers and the famous story of the Great Explosion in 1916.

Book launch

Councillor Mike Cosgrove, Deputy Mayor of Faversham, says: “It is extremely important to the people of Faversham that local service men and women who gave up their lives in the Great War are remembered.  The bunting project and Faversham Remembers Exhibition have engaged hundreds of people throughout Faversham, who have worked together to show our gratitude and deepest respect to the 383 servicemen that died. The exhibition and book also remember the other local men, women and children whose lives were hugely affected by World War One.”

Faversham Remembers is taking place from 2nd to 26th November at 12 Market Place in Faversham.  The exhibition, organised by Adrienne Begent the Deputy Town Clerk at Faversham Town Council, is jointly funded by Faversham Town Council and Swale Borough Council, will also feature a display of memorials including original graves from France.

.Bunting Exhibition Image